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BodyTime Now provides a well-rounded workout experience. I love how Pilates strengthens and makes me more aware of my body, which is complimented by MELT and yoga to stretch and relax. As a teacher, Donna is always expanding her knowledge and techniques. Her students reap the benefits! I have done lots of different kinds of workouts over the years and I love Donna’s studio the best, because I feel more balanced and healthy.

– Donna

Inner strength it’s the foundation, that’s what Donna’s pilates does for me. With that I can do anything without fear of not having the right balance. No pain.

– Pauline

The BEST part of Donna’s Body Time is her unique ability to integrate all her knowledge into personalized, dynamic and FUN sessions. If you have been “Boot Camping” and killing yourself, try some deep solid core strength here and gain greater strength, more flexibility and use muscles you may not have used before. I continue to see marked improvement after 2 years. It just gets better and better.

– Michelle Houston

Before attending BodyTime Now (formerly Woodland Pilates Studio), I could not stand long enough to read and select greeting cards! (Hallmark thanks Donna). My walker is now for hauling things (groceries, flower pots, etc.) not me. My cane is only used in crowds. I can get up after a fall without a chair, box or other support!

I have been attending BodyTime Now for over two years. Donna has worked with me using a variety of disciplines, primarily Pilates, M.E.L.T, and patience. My progress is really quite amazing! Friends and family members are always commenting on how much I have improved.

Thank you to BodyTime and Donna for making my quality of life so very much better.

– Sue Stevens

I would like to express my gratitude for all the creative, helpful, enjoyable classes that I have had with Donna. She is an extraordinary teacher who cares about her student’s welfare and progress and who is always attentive to the needs of her students.

– Connee Davis

The classes at Bodytime Now! are like graduate school exercises. I’m more agile and limber with more strength than ever before. Everyone can benefit from these classes.

– Brooke

Pilates is wonderful for building strength and realigning your body. Donna is a fabulous instructor who provides great verbal cues to help you get the most out of every session.

– Carrie