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Mission Statement

Bodytime is always now
You come to us,
We show you how

You observe and re-observe
To get to know yourself
We teach you 9 essentials;
Elements to happiness,
Vitality and health

Find your sense of knowing
Within your body deep
Where no one else can enter
It may be fast asleep

First we get you moving
With thought and concentration
Breathe, and move and focus
With slow and subtle variation

Come embrace our practices
ABM, Pilates and MELT
These methods, we are sure
Are done in ways you’ve never felt

They do bare enhancements
For all the things you do
Like sports and dance and gardening
Vitality you may have lost,
bounds again anew

Improved daily functions
Magically appear
Twisting, bending, lifting
No longer will cause fear

As for pain and aging
Surely you will find
These types of movement methods
Are very, very kind

Then one day you will awake
Feeling inner strength
Benefits from work you did
The strides that you did make

Pleased with your experience
Moved by your success
Hooray! For all, we’re happy
Now we know we’ve done our best