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About Us

Donna Howald

Certified Practitioner in Anat Baniel Method® (NeuroMovement®) and NeuroMovement for working with children with special needs.
Certified Pilates, MELT and Franklin Method, Instructor.

She opened her studio in 2007 after completing a 500 hour, comprehensive teacher training course in BASI Pilates. Initially her studio was named Woodland Pilates. However, after learning and teaching this method she came to know that slowing down and becoming more mindful while practicing movement allowed for more healing, strength, and flexibility in both herself and her clients. This led her to seek new and different methods of movement to help with her new objective. In 2012 the studio was renamed “Bodytime Now”, to introduce the MELT and Franklin Methods into her Pilates studio.

For a time she was happy with the addition of these methods into the studio until she suffered a sports injury. After her injury she was very limited in the extent of Pilate’s exercises she could perform, comfortably. She recognized that the difficulty she was experiencing was the same difficulty that her clients experienced when trying to do Pilates. Doing Pilates is difficult when done with a healthy body, at best, but with physical limitations it only enhances pain and suffering. This helped her to understand that though Pilates is a very functional exercise, when done in a dysfunctional manner it can only create more dysfunction.

Then one day she happened upon a live interview with Anat Baniel. She knew that what Anat was speaking about was what she needed to learn to get the results that she was trying to achieve from her work. All in all, while learning this technique that connects brain and body, using Anat’s Nine Essentials of NeuroMovement, she is healing herself and helps her clients to do Pilates and much more in an effortless, and beneficial manner. Integrating ABM with Pilates, MELT and Franklin Methods has brought her closer to her dream of making it possible for all; healthy, aging and limited bodies to be able to do Pilates.