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Welcome To The BodyTimeNow Body Mind Center

BodyTime Now studio works on the philosophy that it is always the right time to take care of yourself. There is no such thing as “too late” or “too busy”.

Our instructors are trained in multiple methods of body work, and we draw on our long experience with those and all of the diverse activities that we enjoy to tailor your body work to your needs.

There are some principles that we feel are fundamental to creating a healthy self and lifestyle:

• Movement without awareness cannot bring about change. The mind and body are parts of one whole. If our minds check out, our bodies will just continue in the same patterns that have brought disfunction and discomfort.

• Moving fast and hard is not always the road to progress. While it’s fun to do fast and flashy things (we enjoy them, as well!) it’s also necessary to do the slow, careful movements that take us inside ourselves, and bring about powerful changes in form and function.

• We are not just bags of bones and muscles, which is why programs that focus only on the musculoskeletal system don’t always give us the results we want. At BodyTime Now we draw on our diverse training and experiences to help you work with all of yourself.

Whether you’ve been sedentary for years, or are an experienced athlete or dancer, whether you are discovering your body after an injury, or have tried everything at the gym, but just aren’t comfortable, whether you want individualized lessons or group classes, BodyTime Now can help you to enhance, embrace, and empower yourself.